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Documentation of John Dewey's life and work exists beyond the written word. Located on the same campus as the Center for Dewey Studies one can find Morris Library Special Collections Research Centerwhich houses a collection of Dewey's home movies, an audio recording of Dewey, and some personal artifacts. Access to these resources is controlled by Special Collections rather than the Center for Dewey Studies. Click here to view a listing of some of the available resources in Special Collections.

The video, John Dewey: His Life and Work, was filmed at the Center for Dewey Studies, the Mission Hill School (Roxbury, Massachusetts), in the home of Louise Rosenblatt (Princeton, New Jersey), and in other sites around the country.

Visit Davidson Films' website to find out more about the film, to view a short clip from it, to find a video learning guide, to read a review of the film, or options for ordering the film.

This audio file is John Dewey reading from "Art as Our Heritage" in 1940. Below is the transcript that corresponds to the audio file.

"Creation, not acquisition, is the measure of a nation's rank; it is the only road to an enduring place in the admiring memory of mankind." (LW.14.256).