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Collected Works of John Dewey
Dewey surrounded by children
Collected Works of John Dewey 2
Dewey with the staff of the University of Michigan Inlander

The Center for Dewey Studies has since 1961 worked to preserve, publicize, and support research on the works and legacy of John Dewey, the great American philosopher, educator, psychologist, and public intellectual. Your donation to the Center can go towards either: 

  • Center for Dewey Studies Development Fund
  • John Dewey Conference Fund

Even a small donation helps ensure the sustainability of the Center and the future of Dewey Studies at SIU and beyond.

Center for Dewey Studies Development Fund

This fund provides general support to the Center for Dewey Studies and its activities, which includes public lectures, visiting fellowships, student support, educational programs, new publications and research, and outreach. 

John Dewey Conference Fund

This fund specifically supports the annual series of conferences and workshops. You can learn about our most recent or upcoming conferences at our conference website

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