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Collected Works
Collected Works

The Center for Dewey Studies has signed a new contract with InteLex, publisher of Past Masters, to continue publication of the electronic editions of the Collected WorksCorrespondence, and Class Lectures of John Dewey. The new agreement includes lower prices for the John Dewey Online individual subscription bundle and substantial discounts for students and to scholars and institutions from low- and middle-income countries. Read more...

The Center for Dewey Studies is happy to announce the publication of the Comprehensive Edition of The Correspondence of John Dewey, 1858-2011 edited by Larry Hickman, with a foreword by our new Director Matthew J. BrownRead more...

Now available: scanned issues of The Dewey Newsletter (1967-1978)

Read about our previously published works, get an introductory reading list to John Dewey's philosophy, read our comprehensive Works about John Dewey (1886-2016) and Chronology of John Dewey.