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John Dewey with Friends and Colleagues in China

Spring 2023

NEW! The Center for Dewey Studies is happy to announce the publication of the Comprehensive Edition of The Correspondence of John Dewey, 1858-2011 edited by Larry Hickman, via InteLex Past Masters. This edition includes everything from the previous edition, plus 1,240 new items, bringing the total documents to almost 23,600. It includes a Foreword from the new director of the Center, Matthew J. Brown.

This was one of the final projects of the Center for Dewey Studies at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, prior to its temporary closing in 2017. The project was almost entirely complete, but between the retirement of Larry Hickman in 2015 and the temporary closing of the Center in 2017, the process of bringing it to publication stalled. Happily, working with the good folks at InteLex, we were able to bring this project to fruition. It seems fitting that we celebrate the re-opening of the Center for Dewey Studies by honoring the hard work of those associated with its previous iteration, including Larry Hickman, Paula McNally, Harriet Simon, and Barbara Levine.

Previous institutional subscribers to The Correspondence of John Dewey, 1871-2007 will be able to upgrade to the new edition for a moderate fee. Those institutions that have not yet purchased the Correspondence should strongly consider the Comprehensive Edition. Interested parties should contact InteLex.

SIU affiliates can access the new edition via this link or through the Morris Library website.

Projects in Progress:

  • Dewey's Additional Lectures in China - Lectures given during Dewey's 1919-1921. Not previously included in the 1973 publication.
  • Revamping the physical space in the Center to make way for new events and visiting researchers. 

See past projects.